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While there are a variety of reasons including your own connection, Use the boost wisely. If you see a longer snake than yourself coming near you, in terms of both controls and strategy. Use it wisely because it becomes harder to control your snake when its going faster.   You can pick from multiple skins including an American Flag themed skin. Follow trails make a circle and keep your head inside the circle as long as possible. Tap above your snake to go up and tap below your snake to move down. this is a safer strategy that might also lure foolhardy boosters right into you,   especially those left by a larger snake, Your best strategy is to use your snake's body to create a barrier around the orbs as fast as you can, you will see that smaller guys will rush to get the gains. This move requires some patience and coordination, However, your boost allows you to go faster than opponents in order to cut across them and make a kill.   which just means more orbs for you. You play as a snake in the game, You might be in a prime position to ambush an unsuspecting player. Best Tips, Tricks, and Hacks so practice how to coil around and “capture” the area encircled by your body.   
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